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i like eminem because sometimes he’s like “believe in yourself, i just wanna be a good dad, i worked really hard and it paid off” and other times he’s all “i will literally stow your body in a boot, defecate on your mothers face and lock you in a burning house” 

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Nobody’s gonna be bigger than Eminem. Kanye west (via asinnersmind)

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Jesus, Charli XCX performing Fancy all by herself 

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The most heartbreaking thing about this scene is that I don’t think this is the first time Steve visited Peggy.

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Regardless of whether you watch Scandal or not, everyone needs to watch this and see Lisa Kudrow fucking nail her scene exploiting misogyny and sexism.

I’m pretty sure that just changed my life.

fucking annihilated

Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking.

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